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Developing User-Friendly Flash Content
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The original intent of this white paper was to provide Macromedia Flash developers with the knowledge necessary to create user-friendly Macromedia Flash experiences on the Web. The need for this paper has never been more crucial, since many of the most vocal Web critics have recently portrayed Macromedia Flash content in a negative light. The claims that Macromedia Flash content is bad for the Web or that Macromedia Flash and usability are polar opposites are both myths.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction‚white paper on Macromedia Flash usability

II. The process

III. Overcoming hurdles with Macromedia Flash - usability tips

IV. User testing of Macromedia Flash content

V. Summary

Contact Information

Special Thanks

Join the discussion, add your comments about the white paper.

MacGregor Media | Macromedia White Paper: Developing User-Friendly Flash Content
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